Garden Cafe

Serving Lunches


Mon & Tue from 10am to 4pm

Wednesday to Sunday 10am to 8pm

Serving lunch daily, our menu items are made with the highest quality meat and cheeses. Vegetables are picked fresh daily from our gardens. Lettuce is grown hydroponically (in water) and harvested when tender and crisp. We bake our bread daily and prepare every lunch item to order. We have added new sandwiches, salads and soups to compliment healthy-eating lifestyles. Here at Burnap's Farm Market, we take pride in serving only the finest and freshest products. All are made with a touch of "LOVE". Come enjoy lunch on our decks, overlooking our beautiful gardens.

Serving Dinner


Wednesday to Sunday 4pm to 8pm

Burnap's started serving dinners in 2016.  Just like our lunches, our dinner ingredients are as close to farm to table as we can get.  We take pride in serving only the finest and freshest products.  Our head Chef, Carlos Herrera is culinary trained and has brought excitement and wonderful dishes to our menu.  


Let Burnap's Farm Market provide good food for your special gathering, office function, ladies lunch or just about anything. Whether it is picking up platters of sandwiches, salads or homemade soups from the Farm Market or having Kendra cater in your home or office- we can do it all. Please call and talk with Kendra to see how Burnap's is so much more than 

a Farm Market.

Bakery & Ice Cream

From our kitchen you can smell the tempting aromas of pies, cookies, muffins, breads, homemade waffle cones and many other sweet treats. We bake daily and there is always something tempting to take home.

Our Ice Cream parlor provides that quick fix for anytaste bud. We serve Gifford's Hard and Soft Ice Cream. Our specialty is our “fresh fruit” which helps make our shortcakes,sundaes, smoothies, swirls, and just about anything you can make with fruit and ice cream. Chocolate lovers don’t worry. There is plenty of that to go around also.